Experience of a lifetime

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Experience of a lifetime

 So a while back I thought of the idea of being with more then one guy. I guess it was because of having such a high drive that I always wanted just a little bit more if you know what I mean. I came across an ad in personal section one time asking if there was any men interested in a gang-bang. I replied mostly because I thought it would be fun to see if what if anything would happen. I replied with a photo and things about myself. I am a latino age 31, in shape. A couple of weeks when by then I got an email. To put it breif, I was informed that my reply was received and that they had a few gentlemen who had viewed my picture and wanted to participate. I was in shock that I got a reply but that steps had been taken in arranging things. I was really nervous about calling the number they had provided for me, but I could not help in feeling aroused and horny. I let a few days go by and I ended up calling the number.

A guy named doug answered and informed me about the setup and how things would happen. He gave me a date and time and told me he would meet me there to make sure things went on smoothly as possiable. After a long pause I threw caution to the wind and said yes. After I /hung/">hung up I thought to myself. "am I /crazy/">crazy". I went to bed thinking how nervous but excited the idea made me. I agreed on wednesday night. This was to take place on saturday night. Finally the saturday night rolled around. I took a long shower and got ready. I tried to wear nice underwear I drove out to the adress given to me. It was a very nice house at the top of this circle street. As I turned off my car I sat there thinking for a minute if I was truly ready to do this. My sexual drive took over and I made my way to the front door. I rang the bell and a nice looking middle aged man answered the door.

He was very good looking and I could tell by the sound of his voice it was doug who I had talked to on the phone. He showed me around a little and then lead me upstairs He showed me the bedroom where we would be doing this in. Seeing some of the some blankets on the floor and towels made it hit home. I could not believe I was here. He said some of the guys where already in the backyard waiting. I realized I had never got to see any of the guys participating or how many. I was more nervous then excited now. Doug lead me to the big bathroom that was attached to the bedroom.

He gave me stuff to freshen up or take a shower again. I cleaned myself up a little. I started to hear some voices in the room now. I started getting shaky. Doug came in a few moments after and said the guys where now all here and where just waiting for me. He handed ma a big towel and asked me to cover myslef. I only had my underwear underneath the towel. Doug stood by the door and asked "are you ready" I took a very deep breath and and said yes. Oh my good this was it.

Doug opened the door and I made my way out into the bedroom. Immediatly i was greeted with some hellos and some whistling. Much to my /surprise/">surprise all the guys were already naked. I had only a little while o look around. The guys all looked between 30 and no more then 45 ish. I had mentioned to doug I liked white men. So that is all I saw. There was about seven guys in the room. I thought to myself holly crap. I am about to get fucked by seven guys. Before I knew it I had several of the guys touching and fondling me. They took off my towel leaving me in just my underwear. They then guided me to the big blanket on the floor next to the bed. I knew what for so I got on my knees. Now having the guys hudle around me I could not help feeling horny at the sight of there cocks getting hard in anticipation of me sucking them off. I grab a couple of guys and started jerking them a little. I then felt a very strong hand grab the back of my head.

He guided me to his throbbing cock. I felt really natsy having a dick in each hand and having this /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock fill my mouth. This went on for awhile. I tried being fair as to get to everyone. I dont know exactly how long but long enough for me to have precum starting to make its sexxxx video ful hd way out off my mouth. A couple of the guys finally helped me up. As I saw one of the guys lay down xxx sex video download free com on the bed positioning himself for more head anohter guy peeled my soaked underwear off. I bent over and started to suck this guy off. Almost immediately felt someone ostition themselves behing me and lube my eager hole. I let out a loud moan as I felt the rush of slight pain as the guy entered me. I still felt weird. Here I was sucking dick and getting fucked by a bunch of total strangers. I think its at this time I started to relax since I thought "strangers" most likely I would never see them again. I figured the saw me as a slut so why not enjoy the moment and be one.

I stop sucking this guy off and looked back to see who was giving t to me. I gave him a quick glance and asked him "please fuck me" He quickned the pace as I lowered my face again to suck another guy off. As time passed i knew a couple of guys had gone seeing it that every one fucks differently and some are biggger then others. Some where more rougher then others. I had a coule of guys spank me as the fucked me. I really enjoyed being called names. So at this point it had to have been more then an hour into it. I was very sore but having a blast. I was not expecting what happened next.

One of the guys layed completly on the bed. I thought I was just going to ride a couple of them now. I layed on top looking at this man smile as he made his way into me now gapping manpussy. I rode him very good and was about to cum for my /first-time/">first time. Just afeter I did and was moaning He stopped. I thought he was wanting me to get off but instead felt another one of the guys position himself behind me. I was in shock. I then heard someone in the room yell "DP this bitch" I did not know this was part of what they wanted to do. I guess me thinking about it and not stopping them sort of gave them the green light. I felt a very overwhelming sharp pain as I felt another cock making its way into me. I yelled and moaned which seemsed to excite them more. They did take slow pauses as to let me recover before they kept going with more. Eventually they both were all the way in. They both stayed still as I got use to having both thier cocks in me. Just Ias I started to relax one guy hoped on the bed and made me start sucking him off. I then felt the two start fucking my hole slowly. Beofre long I was enjoying myself again.

I was still in a daze and wondering was this really going on. I am can tell you I had never felt to used and degrated but at the same time nasty was fun for the moment. I was having sex like never before. eventually most of the guys took turns DPing me. I think a very long time had past I was fucked missonary, doogy, sidways, again and again. as much as I enjoyed it I was a little realieved to here someone say "you guys ready to cum?" I was being fucked doggy style and giving head when I heard that. The two guys stopped and helped me to my knees on the big blanket. I knew where the obviously wanted to cum. With my face and body soaked in sweat. I had a few guys in front of me jerking off. at that moment I knew I wanted to /climax/">climax again. Rubbing my nipples. I prepared myself. Two of the guys got closer and while making load moan noises I felt shots of warm cum as it splashed onto my face.

The feeling of being cummed on sent me into a very horny state. I was feeling as noasty and slutty as ever and was enjoy it. The idea that I had just let all the complete strangers pound me and take turns on me made me satisfied. This was the icing on the cake sort of speak. One by one the guys would come closer I would barley open my eyes enought to see the gush of warm goo as they came. I had two guys ask me to open my mouth which i did. Making me feel more used as they sparyed the back of my mouth with there warm /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. Eventually when all over doug helped me to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up.

I was in the middle of a warm shower still trying to relax my body from shaking from the experience I had just had.I felt a hand on my tits and another on my hip. Before I said anything or got to turn around I felt a /cock/big-cock/">big cock enter me from behind. I was a little suprised since I thought the night was over. as I let out my first couple of moans I heard the voice of doug. He said " its my turn now". I had no idea he was going to be part of the evening. Doug was really well endowed. Bigger then any of the guys who participated. He kissed my ear and as I let out another moan he began to pound me harder and faster then anyone had that night. I climaxed almost immediatly as I hard the load clapping of his body making contact with my butt.

He continued at me at a furious pace. It did not last more then ten minutes but it was very satifying. He climax inside of me and we kissed under the warm water. I ended up spending the night with him. We got to doing it two more times that whole night and once in the morning. I cant imagine anything every being as wild or crazy as that night.