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fuck the girl

I have to lay off you. I have no job for you anymore. There is only one man's job in my office now as business is bad. So Hamid will have the job and you will lose it" I said as I thought of beautiful sexy wife of my employee. I had met her at an office party and since then she was on my mind. Jaggi's wife Monica must be 24 or 25, 5 feet 5 inches, wheatish complexion and nice body. She had her hair cut short like a boy's and wore tight jeans and tighter tops. I had often seen the swell between her thighs which gave me painfully stiff erections.

" Boss, I dont know what I am to say to Monica. She said she would kill herself if my job was lost. I can do anything to save my job ANYTHING!. Losing job will kill me?" Jaggi was in tears. " ANYTHING".even your wife for a night? Jaggi, you can have the job, even promotion if I can have your sexy wife for one night!!" I dont know how I said these words but my lust was too strong. I wanted his wife to squirm and moan under me naked as I fucked her good! My dick began to grow as I recalled her 36D breasts, cute ass and long legs.

He said sadly," Boss, I love my wife but if I lose my job, there wont be any wife. If you must have her, please dont tell anyone. And you will have to seduce her all by yourself. If you can seduce her, you can have her" I smiled and he took me to his house.

Monica opened the door. She was wearing one of Jaggi's white shirt which was covering half her lovely ass. When she walked, I could see her shaven mound sometimes. Top two buttons were undone revealing her cleavage. My mouth watered at the lovely sight. Jaggi went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of whiskey and poured two glasses. Monica saw me and said, "Oh, I didn't know you were coming, Sir, let me put something on!"

I grabbed her wrist and said, "You look absolutely lovely. Stay just the way you are. I have come to find a way to save Jaggi's job. Can you come and join us for a glass of whiskey. I know you can give some good suggestions"

Jaggi smiled and said, "My dear wife, you look sexy in my shirt. I can see that you have nothing else underneath it. But there is no one to see you except me and my Boss. He is just like family.Boss is just like my elder brother, Monica." She smiled at me and went into the other room for a while.

"Do you think Monica would like me to see her sexy body? I bet she would be shy. But why not give her a glass of this drink to open her up?" I said.

"I"I..don't know! It sounds exciting but she does not drink. She is my wife and I know she won't be comfortable with drinking. But if you insist""!."

"Why not!!! I am not going to force her to do anything. She is your wife and she will be mine only on your permission and I will try to save your job!" Monica returned and sat on the sofa and Jaggi urged her to drink a glass. She was about to protest but then accepted the glass. She sipped it, coughed a little and I patted her back and ran my fingers in her short hair."Thanks, Sir" she muttered.

"Boss, I will bring fried fish to go with drinks. It is round the corner. That man makes best fish. Monica, please keep my Boss company. He adores you. I will be back soon." I was about to say that there was no need for fish but Monica pressed my thigh with her hand and I shut up. Her touch raised my dick and I saw her catch glimpse of my rising bulge in my pants I talked about Jaggi's job and drank. I saw Jaggi's sexy wife getting tipsy. I held her tightly in my arms as she said," You can lay off the other man, Hamid, can you not, Boss? For my sake, please"

My hands dropped to her shapely buttocks and I squeezed her buns. "ok, if you say so. I will lay off Hamid, but let me feel your body, Monica. Jaggi is a lucky bastard to have a wife as sexy as you. Look what you have done to my cock." I unzipped my pants and my cock sprang free and she could feel my hot cock on her palm as I placed her hand on it. I unbuttoned her shirt with one hand as I continued manipulating her ass cheeks with my other hand. She sighed when my hot throbbing meat touched the skin of her small hand.

She could not get her hand around the fat 8 inch meat as she began stroking it. I placed my big hand on her pussy and she whimpered a cry of lust when my fingers entered her . She kept on stroking and squeezing my cock.

She fisted my cock and muttered," Promise Jaggi will have his job, please!!!!" I nodded and kissed her passionately. "Lets not waste time. Your husband would be coming. Suck my cock, Monica." Just then the phone rang. It was Jaggi with good news. The fish shop was closed and he had left for a father shop and he would be back in an hour.

"We have time. My darling husband wont be back for one hour. In the meantime, you can fuck his wife as price of his job, Boss" she said as she lowered her mouth and kissed the mushroom head of my cock. She kissed and licked the long fat shaft. She sucked my balls into her mouth as she continued caressing my cock. I fucked her face hard and my cock hit the back of her throat.

I unbuckled my pants and she pulled them down to my knees. She seemed to love my cock as she stroked my shaft with her hand while she feverishly sucked it. Suddenly I felt my cock throb feverishly as it exploded in her sucking mouth! Monica managed to get most of the cum down her throat but some leaked from her lips and dripped from her chin.

I undressed young Monica and took off my pants and shirt. I was not wearing any undies and nor was she wearing any panties. I felt her cunt with my hand and she fisted my cock which was getting hard again. "Get ready for real fuck, Monica! I want to fuck you doggie fashion. I love your ass. Kneel on the sofa, please!" With that I flung her over the back of the sofa and from the rear, I entered her pussy. She squealed and screamed, real forced anal against her will "Oh my God, it's so big, oh, oh, uh, mmmmnn, aagggg, oh shitttttt"!!! Yessss, fuck me, fuck me with your , feels so good, oh yes!!! That's it fill me up, don't stop Boss. I love your ; Jaggi's cock is not even half of it, yessss!! Oh, oh, my goddddd!!"

I rammed my cock deeper into her hungry cunt. I put my hands on her and squeezed them hard. I pinched her nipples hard as she cried," Oh yes, fuck me, I'm going to cum!!! Please don't stop! Yesssss!!!" she was pushing her ass on my cock in a lustful frenzy.

This woman was simply fire. Her cunt clamped on my cock tightly and I loved the feeling. Then I began to spank her lovely ass. Smack".Smack"Smack"." I love you Monica. I love your ass. One day I am going to fuck this of yours!!!" She was loving every moment of this fuck session," Yesssss".slap my asscheeks".Treat me like a whore".ohhhh"whore me"fuck me"you can fuck me the way you want"dont stop"fuck meeee"

I was about to cum again. I picked up speed and fucked her hard and shot a load of cum up her tight love hole just as her cunt was shooting cum on my cock."I love you darling, it was great" I said.

"I love you too, but you must think I am a whore, the way I acted. I know this is lust but I love Jaggi, though he is not half the fucker that you are! I must confess that I will never to be able to resist your ! I never knew a cock could be that big! Will you give it to me again?"

"It's yours, Monica! But remember I have to fuck you up your sweet ass"

Just then Jaggi came into the room. He was not surprised to see us naked. He smiled shamelessly as he said"So my wife's cunt has saved my job? Is that right? Boss fish is here. Lets have another drink and eat some fish. It will charge you for one more round. And this time we both will fuck her. Monica, my sexy wife'my oversexed whore will have both her holes filled. , my whore wife!!!"

"I am so fortunate to have a husband who is large hearted enough to share me with his Boss. I have two men to cool me!" She squeezed my cock. Jaggi smiled as he saw his wife grabbed my cock like a wanton slut! Jaggi filled our glasses."Jaggi darling, why are you wearing your clothes when we are naked. Undress fast" Monica ordered drunkenly.

She sat on my lap and sipped her drink, "Jaggi, I feel his cock growing under me. Are you raedy to see me get fucked by him?" Monica naughtily played with my dick. It was obvious that she couldn't wait to get fucked again. She was bold due to the drinks she had taken and Jaggi was aroused at the lewd sight in front of his naked wanton wife. He undressed hurriedly and swallowed his drink. Then he knelt before me and spread his wife"e thighs and began to lick her pussy. I began to suck her big tits.

The horny housewife was filled with carnal desire as we, men kissed her pussy and tits. "Fuck me Boss"I can not wait"Show my husband how big your cock is""Fuck me"Let me ride you this time".Lie down and let me do the fucking" I lay down and she came down on my cock. I pulled her ass and entered her cunt. She blissfully cried out, "Oh yes, fill my pussy as only you can, it feels so good, don't stop lover, fuck me!" She bounced on my cock and her tits bounced too. Her buttocks humped passionately as my cock disappeared in her wet cunt. Jaggi's wife was in a state of sublime ecstasy.

Jaggi stroked his cock. It was average 5 inch cock."Suck it wife'suck my cock!" She parted her lips and sucked it in her mouth. As she bobbed up and down on my dick and sucked her husband's cock.

Suddenly Jaggi pulled his cock from her mouth and went behind his wife. She gave out a cry when she felt Jaggi's cock probing her -hole. She turned around and saw her husband xnxxv sunny leone video as he began fucking her sweet ass. One was filling her hungry pussy and the second average cock was filling her ass. Her head rolled like a mad woman. Her pussy felt so full of cock and rather sloppy. She could feel two cocks moving in and out of her body.

I wanted to take Monica's ass. Jaggi had opened it for me. I asked him to change places with me and he obeyed. Now she rode her husband while I entered her ass. My fat meat stretched her ass wide and she cried," Nooooo"yessssss"ohhh my god".it hurts".noooooo"fuck me"fuck mee" I began to hump slowly. was finding it hard to move in her tight ass.

Monica moaned excitedly and helped us both to fuck her . She was using her hand to fondle my balls.

"Mmmpphhh, Mmmmppphh, Mmmmppphhh," she moaned repeatedly as I reamed her tight ass with my piston. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her ass deep "Aaagggh, Fuck meeeeeee"aaaaahhhh!"

I felt Jaggi's cock rub mine inside her body"Ummphhhfff" Ummphhff Innnnnnnnnnn meeeee"Bosssssssss"gimmmmmmeeeee'mmmmffff"it"outtttmffhf"" mmmfhhh"cummmmminnnnn'meeeeee." She was groaning with lust.
"Oh Monica, you love our cocks fill you, dont you? You are a cock hungry whore!!!" Jaggi groaned.
"Oh, ye ye..yessssssssssss"!" she gasped.

The two cock inside her pussy and asshole were driving her crazy.

With her ass stretched to its limits and two throbbing dicks inside her, she could feel her orgasm coming as we fucked her. "Aaaaaaaa"..motherfucker""I am cumming. You sons of bitches. Come on fuck me!"

We both fucked in unison, maintaining the rhythm taking care not to pull our cocks out. It didn't take long before we all three were having a shattering orgasm. We shot our load into her. "Is his job safe, boss?" She said kissing me." Yes Monica, as long as your husband shares you with me." I laughed and Monica said," If he denies me your cock, he is dead and jobless!!any one womanns want contact me for my service at madhusudanchaubey at yahoo dot com or call me i am raaaza my cell no is 009009530932