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Linda was a short blond little /fat/fat-girl/">fat girl. She was sixteen. She was religious and she gave literature to anyone who would take her papers telling them about the word of god.

She was supposed to be with an older lady for safety sake. The lady was sick so young Linda stood alone in the darkness in front of a donut shop at five thirty in the morning.

A tall older man went inside the donut shop and came out with a cup of coffee.

"Will you please read my papers telling about our god." Linda said.

The man stopped and looked at Linda.

"Bring them to my car and you can show them to me." he said.

Trusting Linda followed him to his car and got in the front seat with him. It was a new Cadillac convertible!

"Have you been saved?" ask Linda.

"No, but I will let you save me." he smiled.

He reached over and slid his hand down Lindas blouse and felt her breast. Linda turned pale and removed his hand. She started to get out of the car.

"Don't go sweetheart."

"I will listen to you if you let me feel you a little."

Linda gasp. Maybe god wanted her to save this sinner. She was strangely excited.

"Lets go to my house."

"You can preach to me there." he said.

"Ok." Linda said in a little weak voice.

The man started the car and said his name was Jim. Linda told him her name.

"Perhaps I need saving and I think you are the one to do it." said Jim.

Linda was delighted. Jim stopped his Caddy in front of a large house. He opened the car door for her. Linda had never had a man do that before. He must be a good person she thought. They went into the house and Jim turned on the lights.

"Sorry about the mess but I am not married." he said.

Lindas heart pounded. Perhaps he could not only be saved but he was good husband material too. Linda was aware that she wasn't pretty. She was /fat/">fat.

She had best find a husband early in life before it was too late.

Linda had a delicious thought. If he said no it would embarrass Linda.

"I know you want to be saved."

"So every chapter of the bible I read to you I will take off an item of clothing and let you feel my body."

Jim looked at her in /surprise/">surprise.

"Done." he said.

Linda opened her bible to the shortest chapter she could find, and when she finished she took of her blouse. Her /fat/big-fat/">big fat breasts filled that bra to overflowing. Jim ran his finger tips around the edges sending delighted chills up Lindas spine.

She then read the next shortest chapter to him and took off her bra. Jim touched the tits and pinched her nipples.

"I'm tired of reading." Linda said.

She stood up and took off all her clothes and stood nude and trembling before Jim.

"I am a virgin but I will let you have sex with me if you will marry me." she stammered.

So that is it. This fat teenager wanted a husband. Jim was lonely. He was getting old and his /girlfriend/">girlfriend had left him. Why not marry her. He could teach this virgin about sex and she could teach him about god. Jim kissed the trembling girl softly and she kissed him back.

He lay her on the couch and undressed himself. Linda stared at his large throbbing /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis with fear.

"Are you going to marry me?" she said.

"Of course I will after I fuck you and make you /pregnant/">pregnant." he laughed.

Jim slid two fingers up her pussy and worked them back and forth. Linda looked at Jim with wide eyes.

"I love you Jimmy." she cooed.

Jim sucked her fat beasts and she climaxed again. Her pussy was now leaking juice all over the couch. Jim slowly pushed his dick into her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt hole. He hit her cherry and pushed past it.

"OH JESUS GOD." she cried.

Jim fucked her like a mad man and shot sperm into her receptive hole.

"AGGGGHHH." she screamed as she climaxed.


They were finally worn out from their efforts and Linda slept with Jim that night like man and wife. Linda was so happy!

When they woke in the morning they the wwwxxx had beautiful sex again. Linda and Jim got dressed and he drove Linda to her parents house. Linda introduced Jim to her father and mother. She said that Jim had accepted god and she wanted to marry him. Lindas parents were married young themselves and her father was older wwwxxx than his mother.

Linda was pregnant and she married Jim.

They were both happy and Linda had a little baby boy.