Keeping her happy

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Keeping her happy

Let me set the scene. I live with my /girlfriend/">girlfriend, we have a great sex life  innovative, imaginative and regular. We try lots of new things and the spice is still there after 5 years together. One thing, however, I never thought we would have is an open relationship. So here is my story.

My girlfriend's friend, Karla, was real upset as her boyfriend just moved to Italy with work. Let me describe Karla to you  a real stunner! About 5'8', /blonde/">blonde, a great figure with 34/6 C/D boobs, a round, peachy ass and lips that any man would love to have anywhere on their body. All said and done  Karla is the type of girl you dream about fucking, but it aint ever gonna happen! Well for me, I got lucky!

As I said, Karla full hd xvideo download was real upset and after about three or four weeks of my girlfriend looking after her, consoling her, I came home from work to find Karla at our house, crying her eyes out on the sofa with my girlfriend hugging her.

'She just doesn't know what to do'.
'Why?', I replied.
'Well, it's not only that she is missing Matt, but she is so horny she cant concentrate on anything at work, she is suffering because of this and her boss has threatened her'.
'Well, I could help her out', I joked, as I left the room to get on with some work.

Or at least that's what I thought  joking. Apparently, my girlfriend mentioned this to Karla, and she seemed really up for it. As I said, one thing I never thought we would have is an open relationship, so when my girl came to me with a proposition a week later, I was shocked.

'So, you want me to fuck Karla' I asked, 'So she can keep her job?' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 'Are you sure?' I asked, again.
'Yes, Paul' my girl replied 'I wouldn't normally let you, but I love Karla to pieces free porn movies download and she hasn't been the same since Matt left. Please?'

It was set up. Me and Karla were to have a 'date' at a local restaurant that night, and I would bring her home, and we would have sex. In my bed. With another woman. Who just happened to be smoking hot. Wow.

Whilst we were in the restaurant, let me tell you, there was some wild chemistry, as you can imagine. Here I was, on the verge of fucking my first new girl for five years, here she was, having had no sex for nearly six weeks (apparently her and Matt are just as active as me and the Mrs) so we were both at it all night. Her foot slipped into the space between my legs and gently caressed my balls, when we were talking her hand would drift down to her breasts, lightly stroking them through her sheer top. When we were stood at the bar, paying the bill, I stood up close behind her, allowing her to feel my hardness through her jeans. On the drive home, her hand slipped onto my thigh, feeling my member. We were both gagging for it by the time we reached my house.

In we went, through the front door and it was barely shut behind us before we started groping each other like a pair of young lovers. It became immediately obvious that this was not 'making love', this was going to be pure 'fucking'. I threw Karla down onto our bucket chair in the living room and worked her jeans off. As I thought  no pants! I was straight down on my knees, lapping at her bald cunt. I straight away found the hard little nub at the top of her slit  hell, she was wet (who wouldn't be after six weeks!?!?) It didn't take long until my fingers found their way into her dripping cunt, I had two in all the way and Karla was bucking and moaning fiercely. Before long, I felt her cunt muscles tighten up around my fingers and she let out a primal, almost animal groan as her first orgasm for 42 days hit her. I carried on, now working my thumb around the outside of her /asshole/">asshole too. There were so many juices running down from her fanny, that soon my thumb 'popped' into her asshole, setting off her second orgasm in two minutes. Two more small flicks of my tongue at her clitty and a third orgasm was rocking through her.

'Take me', Karla moaned  the first words either of us had spoken in the ten minutes we had been back in the house.

And take her I did. Pushing her legs back towards her shoulders I sunk my cock all the way in in one thrust, and pumped mercilessly for three or four minutes. I could feel that I was going to cum very quickly in this hot, wet, DIFFERENT snatch, so I pulled out, jerked my cock a couple of times and sprayed cum all over her stomach and tits.

As I said, this was not love making, this was sex  and /hot/hot-sex/">hot sex at that, so there was no post-coital hugging. Karla was down on her knees in a flash sucking at my cock to make it hard again. After just a couple of minutes I was standing to attention again, all seven inches of my meat, and Karla was now bent over the arm of the sofa, pulling her ass cheeks apart. I took the opportunity to sink into her pussy once again and pounded her like that for four or five minutes.

I then lifted her up and carried her to the kitchen  God, she was so light, like an angel. I laid her down on the kitchen table and fucked her like that for another five minutes. In, out, in out. All the way into my balls. It was in this position that Karla had her fourth orgasm of the night, shaking like a leaf now. I wasn't ready yet, however, so roughly shoved her up against the wall and took her standing up. I knew I could last forever stood up, so was ferocious in my fucking of Karla while we were stood up. Eventually, I wanted to finish off, so after another shuddering O from Karla, she threw me on the floor, turned away from me and lowered her soaking, virgin asshole down onto my cock. It took a while for the head to pop in and open up her sphincter muscles. Once it had, she was straight away addicted to anal. Bouncing up and down like a good ””un, Karla knew I was nearly done, so let me cum for the second time in the night, all the way down her throat.

Like I said, Karla's man was away for six months. And this was after six weeks. By my calculations, thats another four or five of these sessions, before he gets back.