How i found out

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How i found out

when this happend we had been married 18 years one friday night we decided to go to a drive in movie they were playing /adult/adult-movies/">adult movies on the way there i stop and bought a bottle of wine. i think i should tell you about my wife. her name is Lynn she has blound hair baby blue eyes 5ft 2 inches tall around 120 lbsbig tits 38DD and keeps her pussy shaved as smooth as a babys but and the most beautiful legs she is fantastice in bed. we watch the first movie the second was comeing on buy now we drank half the wine Lynn was beging to feal no pain and geting turnon by the first movie we were kissing and romeing all over each others body.

then Lynn stop and said hun i want to watch this part i look up it was a white woman stroking a big black cock. then leaning over and takeing in her mouth. i could hear Lynn moneing. she was realy injoying it. finely i ask if she would like to fuck a big black cock. she was still looking at the screan when she said she alreay had. it realy cought me off guard. i said i wanted to no how and when it happend. for the next few min Lynn did not say a word. finely she ask if i was mad i said no and to pruve it i showed her my very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. finely she said ill tell you but you have to promes not to get mad. witch i did. so here is what she told me. when she work at the super market there was a older black man who work with her. at the time LYnn was 23 he was about 59. he would offten come up to her and talk she said he was a real gentalmen. this had been going on for about 4 mounts. one night after work Harold ask if she would like to stop and have a drink. she excepted his offer. so they when to the bar when thy went in it was realy crowed so he got to six packs to go.

Harold drove to a near by park. it was a realy nice night out. they sat there and talk for a long time. Harold kept handing Lynn beers. she is not much of a drinker at all. the more she drinkes the horner she gets Harold had moved closer to her he put his hand on her shoulder. she did not stop him she said he is a big man aruond 6ft 4 inc tall. so as they talk his hand began to slide down to her tit. thats when he ask if she had ever been with a black man . of course she said no in fact she had only been with her husband she was a vergin when they got married. by now Harold had his hand on her tit fealing it up. then he moved so he could kiss her and to her /surprise/">surprise she kiss back his kisses moved down her neck to the top of her tity. he as her if he could see them she look at him and said yes if he realy wanted to but thats all he could do was look at them nothing els so she sat up he help her take her top and bra off.

then he began playing with her naked tits he told her they where beautiful she said you realy think you dont think there to big.  he did not ans he just rap his lips around her /big/big-nipple/">big nipple. while all this wea going on his hand had moved down to her cunt. witch he was playing with. he stop rubing her pussy she put her hand on to of his and told him not to stop it fealt so good. Harold said you sure you no where this is going dont you if we keep this up your going to get my black cock in your pussy.  then Harold stop started the car and drove a short way to a more ssecure spot he then got and walk around to Lynn side to open the dooratere he opend it Lynn say his big black cock sticking out of his pants she just staired at it he moved in closer to her and ask what did she think of it she reack for it took it in her hand and said it was beautiful and the bigest on she ever saw he told her to old waman xxxgx suck on it witch she did she wanted to give in a blow job but he had other plans so he let her suck it for a few min then took it out of her mouth .

took her buy the hand lead her to bokep sma pecah perawan a picknick table took the rest of her clothes off. now naked in the park he layed her back on the table got doen on his knees and ate her till she came then stould up drop his pantsmoved between het legs and slid his cock in her Lnny put her hands on his cheast and said what if some one comes by. he told her they would have to wait there turn.  and laught then he shoved the whole thing in her she was screming the whole time . he fuck her till he cam in her pussy but did not stop say he has been wanting her white pussy for so long he was going to make her his slut. he had her beging him to fuck her he then took his cock out turn her over on her belly. 

and told her he was going to fuck her up the ass. she said to him i never had a cock in my as he said well thats about to end with that he started to slowly work it up her ass till his balls where bounceing off her pussy.  Lynn said before the night was over he came in all her holes and on her tits when they were finely dress he told her she was his slut now and she would do what ever he wanted. there are a lot more stories about her and Harold but will have to wait